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Someone collared me yesterday to ask why I hadn’t updated the blog for a couple of weeks.

Apologies, apologies, but I’ve got a good excuse.  Two good excuses, actually.

The first is that I’ve been very busy preparing the proposal for book 2 which I’m going to pitch to Walker Books in the next few weeks.  The idea is to try and capture the essence of the book in 5-10 pages, but in order to do that, I always end up working out the entire plot first, just to make sure the idea really holds together.  This normally ends up as 40-50 pages, and from that I can write a much smaller pitch document.
The second excuse is that I’ve been having a great time visiting schools, talking to year 6, 7 and 8 pupils about the whole business of writing for a living, both screenwriting and novel writing.

The sessions have been really funny, especially the questions the pupils ask!  A great combination of enthusiastic and cheeky!


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