Especially ones that are dark and violent rather than cute and cuddly.

At the heart of this novel is a moral dilemma: what do you do if you’re born into corruption and evil?  How do you find a path to justice if you’re surrounded by friends, family, a whole society that lives by injustice?

It’s going to be a difficult and dramatic journey.

As a writer, the tricky thing was to find a way of telling this story without getting bogged down in any one particular historical situation, as then it would risk becoming a story about life in Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia, or war-torn Syria, or a hundred other tyrannical regimes.

The problem sat at the back of mind for 30 years, until one day I heard a true story about the ongoing struggle between rival monkey troops on the streets of Indian cities.

Suddenly I realised that if I went back up the evolutionary tree, I could write about all humans by writing about none of them.

And Monkey Wars was born…

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