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“I was sent an email from the lovely Hannah at Walker Books and she was quite upfront about this book as being one she didn’t know who out of the UK Bloggers this book would appeal to because it doesn’t sit in just one category.  It has action, drama and romance.  It’s a thriller for sure and it asks lots of big questions about social morals and the role of power.  Plus the characters are all Monkeys so it’s not your average book but Hannah was just SO passionate about it that it really grabbed my attention.

Set in the hectic cityscape of India and two warring factions of monkeys: Langur and Rhesus.  When the Rhesus are removed very violently from their home, an abandoned cemetery, and the Langur move in, their worlds are destined to change forever.  A Rhesus, Papina, and a Langur, Mico, are intertwined over the battle lines and they soon discover things about each others society that are not what they grew up learning.  Mico has his ideas about Rhesus shattered and soon works out that the world he’s grown up in is full of secrets and lies.  Can they change things for the better or will corruption and power destroy their lives before they even get a chance to?

I must say that you very quickly forget you’re reading about the lives of monkeys and the ideas could be applied to anyone or anything.  It’s got such a strong vibe of Orwellian tones and crawled inside my brain.  I couldn’t stop myself reading just one more chapter when really I should have gone to sleep or left for work in the morning.  I loved the strong characters and boldness of the story as a whole.  Even the secondary characters stood out in the plot and all had a part to play in how the story was shaped.  Wonderfully addictive and  honestly horrific and a book that will be perfect for English Lit classes as well as a truly fantastic read.  I completely loved Monkey Wars and can’t wait to pass my copy along to another lucky reader!”

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